How and why: Hair Extensions guide

Long hair has always been considered the best expression of a woman's femininity. If you've been waiting to no avail for years for your long and healthy mane of beautiful hair to make its grand have to wait no longer! With our hair extensions, you can easily style your hair at any length that your heart desires.

BENEFITS of hair extensions?

In some cases, getting the desired long hair can take up to years, which is why resorting to natural hair extensions can be an excellent alternative. Why?

  1. It makes it possible to have long hair and adds volume for those who feel like they don’t have enough of it.
  2. Looking for a radical change? One of the biggest benefits of hair extensions is that it allows you to change your hair color without severely damaging yours.
  3. Other benefits are being able to go from extremely straight to fashionably curly without styling your hair. Also, rock some bangs in the morning and then pull a Rihanna-style bob at night.

TIPS for styling hair extensions

Start with good-quality extensions

The first step to styling hair extensions is finding a perfect color match that has a discreet look, and that feels comfortable for you! But above all, using natural extensions will not only give you a more realistic look but will also protect your beautiful locks.

Always dry with a hairdryer

Blow-drying your extensions will match it with your own hair and make it look completely natural as if it were always part of your own.

Braid the bottom layers of your hair

When you put in your extensions you want them to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. To achieve this, gather the bottom layers at the nape of your neck and braid them. Then, wrap the braid around itself flat against your head, pin it in place with bobby pins, and finish off by layering your extensions on top.

Style them before pinning them

The best tip for styling hair extensions is to use hangers and getting them ready beforehand as sometimes they can move around when they’re placed. This also allows you to perfectly style them to your liking and lets you use both your hands as you do so.

Clip them upside down while wearing a ponytail

Natural hair extensions are a great way to create voluminous updos and ponytails. It’s recommended that you pin them upside down to avoid bumps where the layers are clipped in and that they lay flat on your head when you pull your hair up.

READY to take on the challenge?

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