How to pick and style your eyelashes

Ever wondered how to pick and style the lashes that perfectly complement your look? With our Classic and Full eyelashes finding the perfect ways to style them and look effortlessly beautiful will be an easy-peasy experience.

HOW TO style our Classic eyelashes?

First, identify your complete look and where you want to go. If you want to pick lash sets that will look amazing, it’s recommended that you know what you’re going to wear. Knowing this can help you style your makeup in the best way possible while also using the best beauty products.

  • For a work look: nothing screams fierce like pairing our Classic lashes with a power suit and strutting down the hallways of your workplace.
  • For an everyday look: our set of Classic eyelashes are the perfect complement to looking beautiful and ready to go under any scenario. All this without having to style or put makeup on them.
  • For a casual day in the park look: picture yourself strolling through your local park, walking your pet, or reading a book under a tree; catching the attention of anyone you walk by.
  • For a day in the mall look: what’s better than a day of shopping and looking fabulous while doing it? Nothing!

HOW TO style our Full eyelashes?

  • For a night out in the city: when you’re out with your girlfriends, ready to take on the night, nothing says “who runs the world” more than a pair of full long lashes!
  • For an extravagant gala event: a night full of flashes, shining makeup, and elegant dresses requires a full set of lashes to make your look pop.
  • For a birthday dinner or party: even when you’re the center of attention, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your absolute best!
  • For a date: the definition of “dress to impress”. Date nights are the perfect occasions to show off your glamorous self and what better way to do that than with our Full eyelashes?

HOW TO buy lash sets that won’t disappoint?

It couldn’t be more simple! Trust Lala Beauty to offer you the best of the best in beauty products. Made with the finest materials, our Lala Beauty lash sets are the best option to have an attractive look that lasts for 24 hours. Go grab them, they’re waiting for you!