How, when and why: Make-up brushes care guide

Everything you need to know to take care of your professional make-up brushes in one place! This guide has all the answers you could possibly need to take care of the best make-up brush set.

HOW TO store make-up brushes?

Don’t just carelessly dump your professional makeup brushes in your beauty bag. Taking the time to store make-up brushes correctly will save you the trouble of opening your makeup kit only to find the tips of your brushes damaged beyond repair. The horror!

Not only that! A great amount of germs and dirt accumulate inside your beauty pouch, believe it or not, and if you just leave your make-up brush set loose those germs will cling to them, and then your face.

Instead, arrange your brushes in an orderly manner, in a bag of their own, separated and well displayed. Not only will this be cleaner, safer and best, it will also make your brush set more accessible to you and pretty to look at. 😉

HOW TO clean make-up brushes?

Use a gentle shampoo, preferably of the baby variety. You don’t want your brush brimming with harsh chemicals.

How to wash make up brushes: Gently scrub the lathered brushes in your palm, then rinse abundantly until the water runs clean.

How to dry make up brushes: Shake any excess water and lay your brushes on a paper towel, leaving them to dry overnight. Keep in mind, larger brushes may take longer to dry fully, so do a test touch before using them again.

HOW OFTEN to wash make-up brushes?

It may vary from use, but the golden rule is to wash your brush once a week. It’s okay if you skip a week or two, but don’t go over a month doing so. Dirt accumulates in your makeup brushes with every application, which can cause breakouts, as well as allergic reactions.

Besides, the product build-up can alter the shade of the product you intent to apply to your face. A clean brush assures a cleaner face and TRUER COLORS.

WHEN to change your make-up brushes?

Again, varies depending on the use you give your brushes, as well as their quality. Every brush is its own thing, which may mean you will need to replace the brushes on your set at different times.

Some bristles are simply gentler, others will flatten sooner, the key is watching for signs of wear. Even the best makeup brush set will need to be changed eventually. No matter how much time you’ve had your brush, if it’s flat, sheds, smells or separates, that’s a surefire way of know it’s time!

Angled contour Brush – Defines and highlights your features

Foundation brush – Allows for even, buildable foundation coverage

Powder brush – Gently glides on pressed or loose powders.

Concealer brush – Covers blemishes with precision

Blush brush – Evenly distributes color to your cheeks

Fan brush – Delicately applies, shimmer, blush and bronzer

Blending brush – Gives a well-blended finish to your eye make up

Smudger brush – Helps create the perfect smoky-eye look

Powder eyeshadow brush – Precisely deposits color to lids

Brow brush + Spoolie – Shapes and defines eyebrows

Beauty blender – Flawlessly applies foundation

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